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Tea-broid Tea Therapy  <span style="color: #ffffff;">........</span>  (A Fibroid tea blend) ­čî┐

Tea-broid Tea Therapy ........ (A Fibroid tea blend) ­čî┐

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´╗┐A (morning and night) tea therapy blend intake of┬áwildcrafted cell minerals­čî┐┬áthat aids to cleanse and renourish the body, reproductive function and particularly the uterus, and support the relief of inflammatory conditions in such as cysts, tumors and fibroids, and promote new cell tissue regeneration.

Tea-broid contains active cell minerals­čî┐such as Damiana, Cordoncillo Negro and Ortiga to support the balancing of the uterus hormones by stabilizing estrogen and promoting progesterone production.

Dandelion and Yellow Dock in the Tea-broid aids the body's digestive function, which plays a key role in normalising hormonal function in the female sexual reproductive system.

Tea-broid also also contains wildcrafted cell minerals┬á­čî┐ such as Damiana and Bladderwrack that support the endocrine system and aid overall the female body's sexual and reproductive function and wellbeing.